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Media Contact: Teichman, Nathaniel

New App Calls Congress For You

Stance takes the pain out of calling Congress allowing citizens to make their voices heard.

NEW YORK, NY (March 7th, 2017) - Calling members of Congress is the most effective way for people to make their voice heard, but overflowing voicemails and busy staffers mean that constituents spend hours waiting to deliver messages. Stance is a free app designed to resolve that problem.

Stance allows anyone to record and send an audio message directly to their representative's office.

The app displays your representatives based on your location, prompts you to record your message, and then calls the selected congressional office and plays your message. Users are able and encouraged to record and send as many messages as they like.

We built Stance to give everyone a simple way to voice what matters to their representatives. I've never felt the urge more than now to speak up politically. I'm an immigrant and am appalled by where things may be headed. Hopefully, Stance can help us all contribute to the future of America.

Iqram Magdon-Ismail
Co-founder of Venmo and Stance Co-creator

Numerous insiders have commented on the strong impact calling congressional offices has on representatives. Former congressional staffer Emily Ellsworth’s tweets went viral when she explained how effective a deluge of citizen calls were to her office; the Indivisible Guide has highlighted phonecalls as a powerful tool for advocacy.

Currently, many citizens find calling their members of congress daunting. They are often unaware of who their representatives are or how best to reach them, or they simply don’t have the time and patience to make sure they get through. Many concerned citizens have also expressed reluctance to call their representative out of fear they will be questioned, challenged, or simply will flub their message when they finally do get through.

Stance removes these barriers.

“We believe the human voice is an extremely powerful tool and we want people to be able to use it as much as possible. Stance allows people to craft their message when it suits them and without spending a significant amount of time making repeat calls and waiting to be connected to a staffer or voicemail.”

Nathaniel Teichman
Stance Co-creator

Leveraging Ense’s audio technology and Twilio’s API, Stance messages are automatically sent through congressional call trees to ensure they reach representatives. These messages are also tweeted directly to representative’s Twitter accounts, where they can be played directly on the Twitter timeline.

All audio messages are also posted on to inspire fellow citizens to speak up and make their voices heard. Stance is currently in creative collaboration with J. Walter Thompson New York.

Stance for iPhone is available here:

What is Ense? Ense is a simple way for people to share their voice. Ense allows everyone to listen and be heard. It powers the technology behind Stance. You can learn more at