Does calling my congressperson really make a difference?

Yes, it’s one of the most powerful ways of delivering your message. Every call is counted and if enough people call a congressional office, they will notice.

I’m not sure what to say when I call - any advice?

We built Stance as a way for you to make your voice heard - speak out on the issues that matter most to you and tell your representative why you feel that way. Messages are more impactful coming from constituents so be sure to introduce yourself and tell your representative where you live so they can verify you are a constituent. If you’re not sure what issue to call about, there are a number of organizations that provide scripts to make effective calls.

How does my message get to my congressperson?

Every night we send that day’s messages to Congress. We do this using a service called Twilio which delivers your voice message straight to your congressperson’s voicemail. Check out some of the other projects Twilio is working on through their Voices for Democracy initiative here. We also publicly tweet your voice message to the congressperson’s twitter handle.

What happens if my congressperson’s voicemail is full?

If your member of congress’s voicemail is full, we’ll keep calling day after day until it’s available. We are also looking into launching a tracker to provide transparency into the voicemail status of every member of congress.

Does Stance have a political affiliation or ideology?

Stance was created to be a tool to allow people to make their voice heard. We are not affiliated with a political party and we believe that communication is essential to help heal the divide that currently envelops our country. We do however adhere to the values of inclusion and respect that define a democratic society.

Who made Stance?

Stance was made by a small team of coworkers at Ense, a simple way for people to share their voice. We saw both a problem and also an ability to solve that need so we used Ense’s API to build Stance. You can learn more about Ense at www.ense.nyc.

Will I get a return message from my Congressperson?

Stance delivers a voice message to a Congressperson’s office, just like a phone call. We cannot guarantee the office will respond, but if you leave your name, address, email and phone number and ask for a response you will likely get one.

Can I make my message private?

We believe that hearing other’s messages will inspire and bring people together. That’s why Stance publicly collects all of the voice messages people make and showcases them at www.takeastance.us.